Investure goes live and allows fully digital and liquid investment into sustainable development and impact projects in developing markets, powered by VALK’s Corda based technology

26th JANUARY 2021 – VALK is proud to announce it will be powering development and impact finance platform Investure. Offering secure, transparent and liquid investment opportunities into developing markets, this partnership will enable more finance to support growth and create social and environmental impact in the market.

This collaboration allows investors to access Investure’s pre-qualified investment opportunities without the risks commonly associated with less developed and regulated markets. In turn VALK’s secondary digital market capabilities improves liquidity and reduces the cost of trading assets between investors while ensuring enterprise grade security and privacy thanks to Corda’s banking infrastructure developed by R3, the banking technology consortium supported by more than 200 banks.

Through this partnership, Investure expects to increase the flow of capital and reduce the cost of financing in developing markets by building infrastructure and a platform to reduce friction in investing and funding in its key market areas. Thanks to VALK’s secondary digital market capabilities allowing for improved liquidity and reduced cost of trading assets between investors, Investure will support the flow of private and catalytic capital into development and impact projects in addition to offer gateways to Corda-based exchanges.

We are very excited and proud to see an innovative financial facilitator such as Investure being launched on a VALK platform. Our partners at Investure are redefining the way the industry approaches and enables the flow of capital to emerging markets such as Africa. Their innovation brings the powerful tool of transparency to markets where regulations may not be as well established. We are excited to see Investure bring greater liquidity to their deals by utilising our Secondary Digital Market feature which is made possible by VALK being built on the Corda framework. 

Antoine Loth, Co-Founder, VALK

We are on a mission to mobilize and channel investments to bridge the USD 2,5 trillion SDG funding gap in developing markets. By partnering with VALK we have rapidly been able to

leverage distributed ledger technology in order to amplify our services and future proof our technology stack. Our global private market and asset servicing platform provides orders of magnitude improvements to the SDG funding infrastructure in developing markets by digitalising, aggregating and platforming the entire ecosystem

Joakim Blom, Co-Founder, Investure

About VALK

VALK is a London and Zurich based fintech that has developed an end-to-end digital solution for private markets that can be used by investment banks, asset managers and fund managers that want to digitize their processes and assets from end to end to reduce costs, time spent on processes, improve user experience and transactions and operate secondary market trades. Their solution is built on two strong banking technological infrastructures: Corda and BT Radianz, giving their clients access to a wide network of financial institutions they can connect and trade with. Indeed, being built on Corda, VALK allows for instant settlement on chain, investing & secondary market trading in a secure, compliant and robust environment and interoperability and connectivity with the world’s largest banking DLT ecosystem.

VALK is the leading Cordapp focusing on private markets with a strong ecosystem of users in Europe and already hundreds of millions of transactions supported.

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About Investure

Investure is a Stockholm based fintech that is digitalizing, aggregating and platforming the SDG investment eco-system in order to bridge a devastating $2.5 trillion SDG funding gap in developing markets. While 90% of the SDGs are funded in developed markets, only 60% are funded in developing markets and just 10% are funded in Africa. Investure mobilizes and channels funding through our global market and asset servicing platform. This is the smartest way to raise funds or invest in climate action and developing markets. Investure serves as an information medium and a private space to facilitate interaction between professional investors and private market investment opportunities.

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