Glafka Capital launches Starboard Digital Strategies, institutional grade crypto arbitrage hedge fund, available in a few clicks on its VALK digital platform.

14th January 2021 – Glafka Capital, the first FCA-authorised alternative investments fund manager to create and manage a digital currency arbitrage fund, will be hosting it on a VALK Corda powered platform offering unprecedented investor onboarding experience.

Glafka’s Starboard Digital Strategies investors will benefit from a fully institutional grade hedge fund, with a strategy that taps on the opportunities generated by the extreme volatility in digital currencies and transforms them to uniquely high market neutral returns with low standard deviation. The fund draws on the vast depth of expertise of FCA-authorised Glafka’s Digital Assets Group, ranging from derivatives trading, blockchain development, risk management and regulatory compliance. 
Thanks to VALK’s innovative digital infrastructure, accessing the fund has never been easier, allowing institutional investors to register, qualify and purchase completely online in a few clicks. Glafka and Valk are working on offering secondary market opportunities for Glafka’s digital products, Unlocking an ocean of opportunities in market liquidity thanks to the interoperability VALK enables through its Corda-powered technology.
We are very excited and proud to see the first crypto arbitrage hedge fund launched on a VALK platform. Our partners at Glafka are pioneers in the industry, having already run hundred million dollar private equity transactions on VALK, they are now taking it to the next level with the launch of this truly ground-breaking fund. They’re likely the first to bridge the gap between traditional and digital fund management and secure a significant competitive advantage in a market that is quickly transforming. We can’t wait to see investors make the most of the hassle-free subscription and rapid liquidity features made possible by the Corda-powered VALK platform.

Antoine Loth, Co-Founder, VALK

The launch of Starboard Digital Strategies underpins Glafka Capital’s ambitious foray into digital asset management services, looking to unleash the vast investment opportunities in this emerging space. After embarking on significant investments in both human capital and proprietary technological solutions, we are now proud to offer our clients a unique product that captures lucrative returns by harnessing digital currencies’ high volatility. Our Digital Assets Group is working on bringing new, exciting products to the market, always benefitting the trust allowed by an institutional grade set up and FCA’s regulatory perimeter. Our partnership with VALK moves to a new phase with the unique advantages of the Corda blockchain network.

Petros Mylonas, Co-Founder, Glafka Capital

About VALK

VALK is a London and Zurich based fintech that has developed an end-to-end digital solution for private markets that can be used by investment banks, asset managers and fund managers that want to digitize their processes and assets from end to end to reduce costs, time spent on processes, improve user experience and transactions and operate secondary market trades. Their solution is built on two strong banking technological infrastructures: Corda and BT Radianz, giving their clients access to a wide network of financial institutions they can connect and trade with. Indeed, being built on Corda, VALK allows for instant settlement on chain, investing & secondary market trading in a secure, compliant and robust environment and interoperability and connectivity with the world’s largest banking DLT ecosystem.

VALK is the leading Cordapp focusing on private markets with a strong ecosystem of users in Europe and already hundreds of millions of transactions supported.

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About Glafka Capital

Glafka Capital is a UK investment firm, Authorised and Regulated by the FCA. Glafka has offices across Europe covering asset management, equities, debt capital markets, investment banking and M&A advisory.  The firm is the first globally to have fully incorporated its investment banking services with the latest advancements of Corda blockchain technology. With a highly experienced digital assets team and proprietary sophisticated systems, Glafka offers institutional grade solutions to its clients worldwide through fund products and segregated management accounts.

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